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Acrylic Structural Adhesive

Structural acrylic adhesives for Reliable Bonding Solutions

ZDS14167 multifunctional structural adhesive is an improved non-corrosive, halogen-free two-component methyl methacrylate adhesive, which can be used to bond metals and engineering plastics without primer and minimal surface treatment As well as composite materials, and have excellent performance.
The volume mixing ratio of the multifunctional structural adhesive is 10:1, and the pot life is about 3-5 minutes. At 75°F (23°C), the strength of 50psi can be reached in 8 minutes on PC3 substrate. The product has high strength, excellent fatigue resistance, strong impact resistance and superior toughness.

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Structural acrylic adhesives
Brand Name


  • Rapid curing at room temperature.
  • Self-priming effect on metal1
  • High toughness
  • High strength
  • Minimal surface preparation

Chemical Type

Methacrylic acid

Appearance (uncured)

skin /blue


two components

Operating temperature

 -40°C to 121°C

Pot life

About 3-5 minutes

Physical Properties (Uncured) – Room Temperature

Part A

Viscosity, cps

100,000 – 130,000



Density, lbs./gal (g/cc)

8.00 (0.96)

Part B

Viscosity, cps

15,000 – 35,000



Density, lbs./gal (g/cc)

8.90 (1.07)

After mixing

Volume ratio


Weight ratio


Density, lbs./gal (g/cc)


Fill Gap, in(mm)

0.25 (6.4)

Pot life

About 3-5 minutes

Movable Strength (50psi)3

8 (PC)

Shear Strength, 73oF (23oC)

ASTM D 1002

ABSb (SF), psi (MPa)

880 (6.1)

PCc (SF, CF), psi (MPa)

1,500 (10.3)

Aluminum 6061d(CF) , psi(MPa)


Shear 180℉ (82°C)

ASTM D 1002

Aluminum 6061d(CF) , psi(MPa)

1,000 (6.8 MPa)

Stainless Steel Strength, 73℉(23 °C)

ASTM D 1876

Aluminum l 6061d (CF)

42 lbf/inch(73.6N/10mm)

2.Exothermic curve

The figure below shows the exothermic curve at 73°F (23°C) with a volume ratio of 10:1 and a weight of 10g
exothermic curve

3.Recommended Use

Metal: Al, Mg, Stainless Steel, CRS Plastic: ABS, PC, PVC, Acrylics FRP: VE, DCPD modified polyester, epoxy

4.Chemical properties

Good solvent resistance:

  •  Hydrocarbons
  •  Acids and bases (3-10 pH)
  •  Saline solutions are not resistant to:
  •  polar solvents
  •  strong acids and bases

5.Machine cleaning

Wipe surface with solvent to clean all heavy oils, or use industrial cleaning equipment. In the range of 1-35°C, manual and pneumatic glue guns can be used for dispensing, and the needle and the substrate are at a 45° angle. For uncured products, alcohol cleaning can be used. Once the product is cured, it can only be removed by mechanical cleaning.


Please refer to the product MSDS before using the product. The following is the description of the above test method:

  1. It is strongly recommended that all substrates be tested for stability in the recommended environment of use. For persistently heavily corroded metals, use
    BK120 for stability and performance.
  2. Operating time: refers to the time from the beginning of mixing of components A and B to complete mixing, and the adhesive cannot be operated again in a gap of about 0.25in. The time is tested at 75℉
  3. Reinforcement time: It is determined by the ambient temperature, bonding thickness and the characteristics of the substrate. Generally, at 75℉, PC (ASTM D1144), volume ratio 10:1, and 0.012in. gap, it can reach 500psi in 9 minutes and 1000psi in 10 minutes. Substrate, temperature, and clearances will affect curing time.
  4. Although not necessary, it is still recommended to remove oxides from the surface of the substrate when used.
  5. (a) Tensile shear and T-peel curing conditions: room temperature for 4 hours, then 110
    ℉16 hours, and finally 4 hours at room temperature. The stretching speed of cross stretching is 6.0.05in./min, and the stretching speed of lap shearing is 0.5in. No surface treatment is required, the standard for tensile shear is ASTM D1002, and the standard for T-peel is 8. ASTM D 1876. SF-substrate failure; CF-cohesive failure; AF-interfacial failure. (b) ABS is 0.116 in. thick, (c) PC is 0.096 in. thick (d) AL 6061 is 0.058 in. thick, (e) AL 6061 is 0.029 in. thick in a single bond line above, the exothermic temperature is lower than that shown in the picture

7. Storage

Store this product in a cool, dry, ventilated environment away from heat sources. Optimum storage temperature is 10 oC (50 oF) and 32 oC (90 oF). Do not return unused product to original container.

8. Precautions

The following provisions supersede any provisions on your company’s forms, letters and documents. We disclaim all warranties, either express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose with this product. No statement or suggestion in product literature shall be construed as an inducement, now or hereafter, to induce infringement of any related patent. IN NO EVENT WILL WE BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES ARISING OUT OF THE USE OR HANDLING OF THIS PRODUCT, ARISING OUT OF ALLEGED BREACH OF WARRANTY, STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER THEORY. Our sole liability for any claims arising out of the manufacture, use or sale of its products is to refund the buyer. The purchase price of such products, provided that such products have been in our sole opinion, justifies such a refund.


The packaging specification of this product is 50ml/pcs or 5kg.

Product Specifications and Performance

Our Acrylic Structural Adhesive is made to bond strongly, resist chemicals, and withstand different temperatures. You can check our website for detailed product specifications to see if our adhesive meets your needs. We give you details about how long it takes to cure, how strong the bond is, how thick the liquid is, and other important things that affect performance. This information will help you make smart choices.

  • Brand: ZDS
  • Model: ZDS181-SAB
  • Net content: 50ml each
  • Color: transparent/milk white/light grey/black optional
  • Temperature resistance: 120°C
  • Initial fixation: 2 hours
  • Fully cured: 24 hours
  • Shelf life: 1 year
acrylic structural adhesive

Application Areas

ZDS Chemical’s Acrylic Structural Adhesive is used in many industries like automotive, construction, aerospace, and electronics. Our adhesive is great for bonding metal, plastic, composites, or different materials. It has strong adhesion and structural integrity. Explore our website to learn more about how our adhesive can benefit your specific industry or project.

Safety Data Sheets and Certifications

We prioritize safety and quality assurance. You can find safety data sheets (SDS) and relevant certifications for our Acrylic Structural Adhesive on our webpage. These documents give you all the info you need to handle, store, and stay safe. They make sure you follow the rules.

acrylic structural adhesive customer testimonials and case studies

Customer Testimonials and Case Studies

Learn about the success of our structural acrylic adhesives through customer testimonials and case studies. Discover how our adhesive creates strong bonds, boosts productivity, and excels in different projects. You can trust ZDS Chemical as your adhesive supplier because of their experiences.

Unlock Brilliance and Protection with ZDSChemical

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Select ZDS Chemical for structural acrylic adhesives. It creates strong, long-lasting bonds and performs exceptionally well in your applications. We promise to provide excellent products, service, and technical help for your adhesive requirements.

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