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Uv light curing adhesive

Shadowless adhesive (uv adhesive), also known as photosensitive adhesive, UV curable adhesive, shadowless adhesive is a kind of adhesive that must be cured by ultraviolet light irradiation, it can be used as an adhesive, but also as paint, coatings, ink and so on. UV is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet Rays. Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye, is a segment of electromagnetic radiation other than visible light, wavelength range of 10~400nm. The curing principle of shadow free glue is that the photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) in the Best UV Light for Curing Resin curable material absorbs UV light under the UV irradiation to produce active free radicals or cations, causing monomer polymerization, crosslinking chemical reactions, so that the adhesive in a few seconds from liquid to solid.

 Light-Curable ZDS™ Maskants
Replace Traditional Time-Consuming Tape, Wax, and Lacquer Masking Methods
ZDS™ maskants cure with UV/Visible light and offer reliable surface protection not available from traditional masking materials such as tape, lacquer, wax, and fixtures. Manufacturers use removable adhesives as temporary protective coatings during surface preparation and finishing operations where a barrier is needed to shield surfaces and cavities. The products provide protection from a variety of chemical, coating, manufacturing aid, and parts handling, as well as media finishing processes. Simply apply, cure, treat, and remove in four easy steps!

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ZDS™ offers the following advantages over traditional masking methods:

Apply and cure in seconds
Residue-free surfaces after proper light cure
Reliable protection for complex and intricate configurations
Superior protection with one layer of material
No additional investment for design changes or new components
Masked parts are immediately ready for production
The materials offer reliable protection of components during grit blasting, air plasma spray, machining, airflow testing, anodizing, chemical milling/etching, plating, acid stripping, vibratory finishing, shot peening, painting, e-coating, and powder coating, as well as general masking processes. Recommended surfaces include nickel super alloys, high-temperature steel, titanium, cobalt, glass, and stainless steel. Formulations with high adhesion, secondary heat cure, and high-visibility colors such as pink, blue, and green are available.

The materials contain no non-reactive solvents and provide fast cure time, delivering cost savings through reductions in labor, rework, and also scrap. The products are available in several viscosities for easy application through dipping, spraying, or screen printing. ZDSTicky®  maskants are used throughout many industries, including aerospace, power generation, and metal finishing, as well as the manufacturing of orthopedic implants and medical devices.

ModelViscosity(CPS)Application rangeHardness
ZDS-33552100±100Bonded plastic substrate polycarbonate PC, PS, engineering plastic ABS, polyvinyl chloride PVC and acrylic PMMA56D
ZDS-3311500Adhesive ABS, PC, PET and other plastic hooks55A
ZDS-340810000±1000cpsTransparent plastic ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC, solder joint protection and camera related ABS material fixed bonding85-90D
ZDS-3120500Medium and low viscosity, suitable for bonding glass products and glass showcases.73D
ZDS-3702A1500±500cpsG + G adhesive bonding of capacitive touch screen, suitable for machine dispensing9±2
ZDS19513110000~40000 PasteSolder point protection, ABS material fixed bonding, glass, metal, plastic75D
ZDS19513215000~50000 Paste75D
ZDS-3502>30000Transparent plastic ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC, solder joint protection, ABS material fixed bonding.85-90D
ZDSX40815-25Mobile phone cover repair, bonding85-90D
ZDS-3206-140Low viscosity, especially suitable for glass and acrylic bonding.68D
ZDS-1903125±5Mainly used for repairing glass cracks and automobile glass repair;70D

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