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DIY Epoxy Resin

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DIY Epoxy Resin - Create Stunning Bubble-free Designs

Welcome to ZDS Chemical’s DIY Epoxy Resin page! Our epoxy resin is perfect for various DIY projects, providing bubble-free, super clear, and food-grade quality. Whether you’re casting a river table, coating a tabletop, or revamping your floor, our epoxy resin is the ideal choice.


Deep pour resin

ModelApplication rangeAdvantage
ZDS3230mabMake river tables, large-scale crafts and other resin artworks;One Pour 5cm Casting resin, weight ratio 3-1, volume ratio 2-1.
ZDS3230-10abOne Pour 15cm Casting resin,weight ratio 3-1, volume ratio 2-1.
ZDS3230XabOne Pour 20cm Casting resin, weight ratio 3-1, volume ratio 2-1.
ZDS888-8abOne pour 30cm Casting resin,weight ratio 3-1

Coating resin

ModelApplication rangeAdvantage
ZDS400-4abUsed for tabletop, industrial floor, Flake floor, 3d resin floor, Metallic Floor, etc.Clear topcoat resin,weight ratio 3-1, volume ratio 2-1.
PrimerColor Brown, Ratio 1-1
Middle paintColor Brown, Ratio 5-1
Colored topcoat Color Green/Grey, Ratio 4-1

Product feature

Bubble-free and Crystal Clear

Our epoxy resin guarantees a bubble-free finish, ensuring your projects look professional and flawless. It cures to a crystal clear state, allowing your designs to shine through without any imperfections.

Food-Grade Quality

Safety is our top priority, which is why our epoxy resin is specifically formulated to be food-grade. This makes it suitable for creating stunning, food-safe serving trays, cutting boards, and other kitchen accessories.

Casting River Table Resin

Bring nature indoors with our epoxy resin designed for casting river tables. Its low viscosity allows for easy pouring to create mesmerizing rivers flowing through your wooden creations. Achieve depth, clarity, and a polished finish that will leave everyone in awe.

Coating Tabletop and Floor Resin

Transform ordinary surfaces into stunning pieces of art using our epoxy resin. With its self-leveling properties, it creates an exceptionally smooth and glossy coating, enhancing the natural beauty of any tabletop or floor. Protect your surfaces while adding a touch of elegance.

Order Now!

Experience the joy of creating your own masterpieces with our DIY Epoxy Resin. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a passionate hobbyist, our high-quality resin is here to elevate your projects. Place your order today and unlock endless possibilities for your creative endeavors!
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