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ZDS™ - Custom Wholesale Polyurethane Structural Adhesive: Tough Bonding Power.

Polyurethane structural adhesive

Polyurethane structural adhesive

Do you want to know why polyurethane adhesives are so strong and durable? These adhesives lead the way in reliable bonding solutions. They are perfect for projects that need to last a long time.

We will look closely at what makes these adhesives so special. Find out how they offer unbeatable strength and durability for tough jobs. Let’s dive into the amazing world of polyurethane adhesives. Discover why so many industries prefer them for their projects.

Understanding Polyurethane Structural Adhesive

This adhesive is a high-performance bonding agent. It’s known for its unique balance of features. These adhesives offer excellent stickiness and toughness. They can bond different materials well.

Key Properties

Polyurethane structural adhesive has several important traits:
  • Thermal Stability: It stays strong across various temperatures.
  • Flexibility: It can handle movement, maintaining tight bonds.
  • Resistance: It’s very resistant to chemicals, water, and weather.
These features make polyurethane adhesives great for difficult bonding tasks.

Common Applications

Many sectors use polyurethane structural adhesives:

  • Construction: Great for supporting joints and exterior walls.
  • Automotive: It’s used where parts must resist vibration and heat.
  • Marine: Perfect for building boats that face water and weather.

These adhesives are useful in both business and home projects. They offer top bonding performance.

Advantages of Using Polyurethane Structural Adhesive

Polyurethane structural adhesives are top picks for many professionals. They offer exceptional bonding, are reliable for a long time, and resist impacts well. These qualities set them above other adhesives.

High-Strength Adhesives

For joining heavy materials, nothing beats polyurethane adhesives. They create strong bonds that handle a lot of stress. This makes them perfect for use in buildings, cars, and factories.

Durability Enhancing Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives are also incredibly durable. They stay strong in various conditions like moisture, temperature changes, and chemicals. This ensures that structures and products last long and stay safe.

Impact-Resistant Adhesion

These adhesives are great at resisting impacts too. They spread out force to keep bonds from failing during shocks or vibrations. This is key in industries that prioritize safety and performance, such as aerospace and transportation.

In short, polyurethane structural adhesives are essential for their bonding power, durability, and impact resistance. They’re invaluable in many critical applications.

How ZDS™ Offers Superior Polyurethane Structural Adhesive

ZDS™ stands out in providing the best polyurethane structural adhesive. We are committed to adhesive innovation and making customers happy. Our leaders have mastered ZDS™ polyurethane technology. This lets us make unique formulas that do well in many industries.

Innovative Formulations

ZDS™ polyurethane is all about new adhesive solutions. Our team always works hard to make our adhesives better. They focus on strength, flexibility, and lasting quality. These efforts show our dedication to being the best in adhesives.

About ZDS™ products

TypeTwo-component polyurethane structural adhesive
ColorA: Black, B: Off-white
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.99, B: 1.92
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.92
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 107,000 (7#), B: 222,400 (@20rpm)
Thixotropic indexA: 2.32, B: 2.39
Pot life (min)30
HardnessShore D 70
Shear strength (MPa)7.0 (Al-Al)
Body strength (MPa)6.00
Elongation at break (%)5
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))2.0
Temperature range (℃)-60~120
ApplicationsLarge-area thermal conductive structural bonding of power batteries and energy storage PACKs.
Product DescriptionGood thermal conductivity, high bonding strength, long operation time, good flame retardant performance.
ColorA: Yellow, B: Blue
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.68, B: 1.68
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.69
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 57,600 (7#), B: 76,800 (@20rpm)
Thixotropic indexA: 2.63, B: 1.98
Pot life (min)45
HardnessShore D 45
Shear strength (MPa)8.0 (Al-Al)
Body strength (MPa)7.50
Elongation at break (%)30
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))1.2
Temperature range (℃)-60~120
ApplicationsTwo-component high-strength structural adhesive, excellent thermal conductivity, good thixotropy, no flow after mixing, high bonding strength, good bonding to most metals and composite materials.
Product DescriptionExcellent construction performance, good thixotropy, no flow after mixing.
ColorA: Yellow, B: Blue
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.37, B: 1.31
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.38
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 107,200 (7#), B: 116,800 (@20rpm)
Thixotropic indexA: 3.38, B: 4.68
Pot life (min)30
HardnessShore D 57
Shear strength (MPa)10.0 (Al-Al)
Body strength (MPa)8.00
Elongation at break (%)80
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))——
Temperature range (℃)-60~120
ApplicationsTwo-component high-strength structural adhesive, good elongation at break, good toughness, used for bonding composite materials and metals.
Product DescriptionExcellent construction performance, good thixotropy, no flow after mixing.
ColorA: Black, B: Yellow
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.33, B: 1.67
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.58
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 139,200 (7#), B: 136,000 (@20rpm)
Thixotropic indexA: 5.14, B: 2.92
Pot life (min)5
HardnessShore A 81
Shear strength (MPa)6.7 (SMC-SMC)
Body strength (MPa)14.90
Elongation at break (%)30
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))——
Temperature range (℃)-40~120
ApplicationsWidely used in structural bonding of body exterior parts and body composite materials and other parts.
Product DescriptionWide range of bonding substrates, high bonding strength, good toughness, can be cured at room temperature or heated.
ColorA: Black, B: Off-white
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.26, B: 1.51
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.37
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 140,800 (7#), B: 251,200 (@20rpm)
Thixotropic indexA: 3.15, B: 1.76
Pot life (min)15
HardnessShore A 70
Shear strength (MPa)3.0 (PP-PP)
Body strength (MPa)5.00
Elongation at break (%)300
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))——
Temperature range (℃)-60~120
ApplicationsExcellent construction performance, high bonding strength, especially suitable for structural bonding of automotive exterior parts.
Product DescriptionCan fast bond a variety of substrates.
ColorA: Light yellow, B: Light yellow/brown
Density before curing (g/cm³)A: 1.00, B: 1.20
Density after curing (g/cm³)1.08
Viscosity (mPa·s)A: 800 (14#), B: 300 (@100rpm)
Thixotropic index——
Pot life (min)30
HardnessShore A 55
Shear strength (MPa)1.0 (Al-Al)
Body strength (MPa)4.50
Elongation at break (%)90
Thermal conductivity (W/(m·k))——
Temperature range (℃)-40~80
ApplicationsApplication and potting of cable joints and electronic components, play a sealing and waterproofing role.
Product DescriptionHigh strength, high toughness, two-component room temperature curing polyurethane potting material.

Customer Success Stories

Our clients’ success stories show how well ZDS™ polyurethane works. These stories come from industries like cars and construction. Our adhesives work great under tough conditions and offer amazing performance.

We compare traditional adhesives to ZDS™ polyurethane to show our success. Here is how they stack up in different fields:

IndustryTraditional AdhesivesZDS™ Polyurethane Technology
AutomotiveLimited flexibility and bonding strengthSuperior strength with high flexibility
ConstructionSusceptible to weatheringImmune to harsh weather conditions
AerospaceHeavy and cumbersome applicationLightweight with easy application

These examples show our adhesives go beyond old limits. This pushes our clients to do great in their areas. ZDS™ polyurethane technology is more than an adhesive. It’s key to industrial progress and dependability.

Polyurethane Structural Adhesive in Construction Adhesives

Polyurethane structural adhesive is a top pick in construction glues. It’s key for quality and lasting power in many builds. Let’s explore how it’s used out there.

Load-Bearing Joints

This adhesive shines in load-bearing joints. It creates a strong link, helping important parts of a structure hold up well. This makes it a go-to for ensuring buildings and other projects stay up and solid.

Chemical-Resistant Bonding

Polyurethane adhesive is also great against chemicals. This is vital where chemicals might wear down other materials. It keeps structures tough and lasting, fighting off harsh elements well.

So, polyurethane glue does a lot. It boosts strength in crucial areas and fights chemical wear. This keeps projects strong and enduring for a long time.

Applications in Industrial Bonding

Polyurethane structural adhesives play a key role in many industrial adhesive uses. They offer strong and reliable bonds for different industry needs. They are used for creating hard structural bonds and also for flexible bonds with elastomeric adhesives.

Rigid Structural Bonds

In industrial settings, making rigid bond formation is crucial. Polyurethane adhesives provide exceptional strength. They can handle high stress, perfect for heavy-duty joints and frames. Their strong bonding is key for the durability of heavy machinery and structural parts.

Elastomeric Adhesives

Some applications need versatile elastomeric adhesives for flexibility. These adhesives stay strong under changing conditions. They handle movements and vibrations well. This is important in industries like automotive and electronics, where parts move and shake often.

ZDS™ offers top-notch formulations for both rigid and flexible needs. This makes them very important in many industrial uses.

Why Choose Polyurethane Over Other High-Strength Adhesives?

In our detailed competitive adhesive analysis, we often explore why polyurethane is the top choice. It beats others in cure times, application ease, cost, and bond strength. Products from ZDS™ are perfect examples of its superiority in many areas.

Polyurethane adhesives stand out for their performance under various conditions. They handle temperature changes and chemicals well. This makes them ideal for tough industrial uses. Their consistency in different conditions is vital, according to our competitive adhesive analysis.

Now, let’s discuss cure times. Polyurethanes bond strongly and cure in a reasonable time. This means work can continue with less waiting. This point often makes polyurethanes the preferred choice, especially when time matters.

The application of polyurethane adhesives is another plus. They come in one-component, two-component, and pre-mixed forms. This variety makes the bonding process easier and meets various needs. It helps in choosing the right adhesive effectively.

FeaturesPolyurethaneOther High-Strength Adhesives
Environmental ResistanceHighVaries
Cure TimesModerateVaries
Application EaseFlexibleOften Specific

Polyurethane adhesives are also cost-effective. They provide a durable bond without a big price tag. Our thorough competitive adhesive analysis proves they’re a great value. This confirms their top spot among adhesives.


Polyurethane structural adhesives stand out for their incredible strength in bonding. They are perfect for making things durable, strong, and resistant to impact. These adhesives are key in construction, industry, and other areas where strong bonds are needed.

ZDS™ leads with its high-performing formulas. These adhesives create powerful, lasting bonds. They offer flexible solutions custom-made for every client. Customer stories show how much trust and satisfaction ZDS™ products earn.

If you’re thinking about which adhesive to pick, consider ZDS™ polyurethane adhesives. They are reliable, strong, and fit for various uses. We believe ZDS™ products will fulfill your needs and even surpass them.

Polyurethane structural adhesive FAQ

What is Polyurethane Structural Adhesive?

Polyurethane structural adhesive is known for strong bonds and advanced adhesive technology. It’s used in tough applications needing durable, flexible connections.

These adhesives stand out for their thermal stability and flexibility. They’re also resistant to chemicals and weather. Designed for long-term use, they withstand tough impacts and conditions.

This versatile adhesive is key in construction, automotive, and aerospace industries. It’s chosen for both commercial and residential projects because of its superior bonding strength.

They’re seen as high-strength for their powerful bonding and reliability. They form durable, impact-resistant bonds essential for heavy-duty tasks.

ZDS™ stands out with its innovative and effective formulas. Their products have shown excellent performance across various industries, backed by customer successes.

They’re vital for structural strength and support in construction. Offering chemical-resistant bonds, they ensure durability in tough environments.

These adhesives create strong yet flexible bonds for industrial use. They meet complex requirements and are versatile for many industrial applications.

Polyurethane outperforms others with better cure times, easy application, cost efficiency, and stronger bonds. It’s preferred for its advantages in demanding conditions.

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