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3D Printing UV resin Dental Solutions

UV resin for 3D dental printing is our advantageous product, we can provide printing solutions for Dental health.

  • Orthodontic dental mold resin.

  • Restoration of the demo dental model.

  • Washable restorations for presentation dental resin.

  • Transparent surgical guide.

  • High transparency and yellowing resistance surgical guide.

  • Soft gum resin.

  • Soft Tray Resin.

  • Hard tray resin.

  • Denture casting resin.

  • Casting Resin

  • Biocompatible resin

Biocompatible, use in the mouth for at least one year. Very low shrinkage <0.5%. No deformation, reach to 100% print the prototypes High temperature resistance, heat distortion temperature up to 200°C, convenient for high temperature sterilization and disinfection by dentists. Smooth surface, high hardness, easy surface preparation and polishing. Low odor. High hardness 90D Long shelf life more than 1 year. Customization is available.

We provide solutions for dentistry, if you want to get more information, please click the following category, or contact us.

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